Our Services


Veteran photographer David Beeler brings not only a command of visual story-telling, but a love of and fascination for people.  This, coupled with his ease and sense of fun, makes for a great experience while getting impacting and effective content.

Video Production

As consumers and competitors grow more sophisticated, using media to get what you do across to your end-users becomes more and more critical–  whether an “About us” video, splash pages,  or an entire product campaign launched across media platforms.


You want to know what it will cost.  I apologize right up front for not answering this.  How much is a bag of groceries?  Depends on what’s in the bag.
In order to answer, “How much?”, I need to know what we are gunning for and a number of variables can go into that: what is the budget, the usage, who and/or what is in it, where are we shooting, are we shooting stills only, video, video AND stills, how long are we shooting… ARE we shooting? (Perhaps animation or some other form would tell the story best), do we need a small crew, a big crew, and so on….
So, please, reach out, let me know what you’d like to do and we’ll figure it out.