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7 hours ago Now the transaction agreement is concluded. : El acuerdo de liquidación está terminado.: Payments under a structured transaction agreement, including future planned lump sum payments.: Los pagos efectuados conforme a un acuerdo de liquidación estructurada, incluyendo los futuros pagos de una suma global previstas. The agreement between husband and wife concerning property acquired during the marriage contract and marital property is linked to both parties. CHINA contracts are now applicable in China. Article 19 of the Marriage Law of 2001 provides that marriage contracts of Russia are applicable. 1 hour ago Contextual translation of “transaction agreement” in Spanish. Human translations with examples: liquidación, conciliación, asentamiento, 2 transacción. 4 hours ago, agreement, arrangement, resolution, adaptation, negotiation, understanding, pact. Show synonyms. 1.1. A formal agreement between the parties to an appeal, in particular with a view to an out-of-court settlement. “The arbitration award was rendered by the driver`s insurance company as an out-of-court agreement.” Other examples.

TRANSACTION AGREEMENT 3 HOURS AGO This Transaction Agreement (the “Agreement”) will be entered into on April 26, 2007 (the “Effective Date”) by and between the United States of America (the “Department”) and THE CITY OF PHILADELPHIA, MARGARET TARTAGLIONE, Spanish since the 1970s and Arroyo v. Tucker, 372 F. Supp. 764 (E.D. Pa. 1974); there are 3 hours of marriage agreement (English-Spanish translation). Translate the online wedding agreement into English and now download our free translation software that you can use at any time. Just Now Siedlung translated: acuerdo, asentamiento, colonia, acuerdo [male, singular], asentamiento [male, singular].

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