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With regard to WIPO`s status as a specialized agency of the United Nations, it should be noted that, in accordance with Article 1 of its Agreement with the United Nations, WIPO is responsible for taking appropriate measures, in accordance with its basic act and the treaties and conventions it administers, in particular to promote creative intellectual activities and facilitate the transfer of industrial property-related technologies towards accelerated the economic, social and cultural development of developing countries, subject to the competence of the United Nations, its organs and other organizations within the United Nations organizational system. WIPO Standing Committee on Industrial Property Information. At present, the main efforts of this Standing Committee are aimed at promoting the adoption by patent offices, other public bodies and private enterprises of such electronic systems for the storage of full texts, including drawings in patent documents, as well as such search systems in stored material, which, although not equal, facilitate mutual access and searchability between all the above-mentioned systems. That is what we are doing. The members of this Standing Committee are the States of the PCT Union, the Member States of the IPC Union and the other Member States of the Paris Union that have expressed the desire to become members. The 1. As of January 1996, 107 countries were members of the Standing Committee, as well as the African Intellectual Property Organization, the African Regional Industrial Property Organization, the Benelux Trademark and Design Offices and the European Patent Organization. A design can be divided into two main groups: industrial models, which consist of three-dimensional features, and industrial designs, which are aimed at two-dimensional features, as well as lines and colors, both of which cover the ornamental or aesthetic appearance of an item or product. .

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